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Presentation templates & Infographics compatible with

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Presentation templates & Infographics compatible with

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Presentation templates &
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Presentation templates &
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Presentation templates &
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What Our Customers Say About Us

Aaron Thompson

The infographics are unique. I really like how their templates stand
out. Very useful and helpful in taking my presentation to the next level.

Aaron Fuller

The templates are absolutely beautiful and love all of the hard work that went into putting this together. The updates and the general quality are top notch! Worth every penny!


This will be the easiest presentation you have ever made. It’s like having a designer in your office who brings all of their skills to make this quick and simple for you. It’s already done, so there are no hassles or headaches with trying to put it together yourself-simply copy and paste into your deck and it’s done!

Marco Danye

Exactly what I needed! Great quality, easy to customize. Thank you!

Alexei Lee

Bought mine! Just made life easier, It saves a lot of time and makes your presentation look amazing.

Moshe Harper

Outstanding presentations with a lot of options. Easy to customize color and formatting to suit your needs. Really helpful, great if you need to make beautiful presentations. 100% recommended!

Tadgh Munoz

I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL THE TEMPLATES THEY PROVIDE! Make my life so much easier when I’m creating powerpoints for my team at work and makes me look so good because of professional look they have. Very unique to your typical powerpoint slides you get with the original software. I highly recommend!!

Eoin Melnick

I do not normally make purchases based on Facebook ads but decided to try Powerpointx as I love SmartArt and wanted to take my presentations to the next level. I have found it a great value. There are some very interesting templates and have used a couple. Highly recommended.

Bibiana Correa

What a useful resource! We have the templates and use them a lot. And just got the updates which we find very up to date and surely are going to enrich our presentations immediately!

Teocah Dove

Just received an email notifying of updates! After my initial download, I truly didn’t expect additional files. This is truly value for money and has made my presentation so much more engaging and visually appealing! I would recommend anyone considering the purchases to do so! You will not regret same

Anthony Shingleton

Great set of slides: excellent for those who don’t want their presentations to look like everybody else’s love how colours schemes are easy to change. Looking forward to future releases.

Diego Hoskins

What a great product they even email your new products added! I bought them being a skeptic but man did I get a surprise! Real value for money and if you need to do a presentation it Is a must have! Even if you want to sell teach on a topic the slides can be a learning too!

Don Richards

Powerpointx slides are incredibly helpful with my presentation. I can customize in them to my own particular presentation. Creating those graphics from scratch would take a staggering amount of time. Powerpointx is indispensable to me.