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Designed For: ✔️Microsoft Word ✔️Illustrator ✔️InDesign ✔️PowerPoint

Ready to take your job hunt to the next level?

This resume template has been designed by our team of HR professionals. Adaptable and easy to edit, all our resume templates are perfect for job-seeking professionals in all modern industries.

  • Multiple File Formats
  • Easy to Customize
  • Cover Letter Included


“After using this resume I was invited to three different interviews within the week and ended up finding a full-time.”

“I was skeptical at first, but looking back I’m not sure why. I spent less than twenty dollars and got a better job that has made me thousands.”

“I used to spend hours updating, editing, tweaking my resume and cover letter every time I applied to a new position, but with these templates, it only takes a few minutes to make edits.”

Are you looking to tell the story of your career journey and make a lasting impression on hiring managers?

Look no further than Mila Resume + Cover Letter Template Infographics!

Our infographics template provides an easy-to-follow roadmap for creating stunning infographics that show off your professional accomplishments — all in one cohesive infographic layout. With Mila Resume + Cover Letter Template, you're only limited by your imagination!

You'll find our PowerPoint templates useful and versatile, with a variety of slides to match any mood; from classic resumes to creative and stunning designs. Additionally, each design is optimized for various devices and web browsers, allowing users to easily share their resume and cover letter designs with anyone. And finally, the included PowerPoint slides are fully customizable meaning you can add your own graphics, text, and color schemes.

Make an unforgettable impact during your next job search with Mila Resume + Cover Letter Template Infographics! Our templates provide hassle-free solutions that help showcase every aspect of your professional journey in one amazing infographic – no matter where they'll be viewing it. With Mila Resume + Cover Letter Template Infographics, you can create stunning infographics that leave a lasting impression on hiring managers!

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