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50 business people illustrations compatible with Powerpoint, Illustrator, Keynote, and Google Slides.

Colorful characters perfect for presentations, web, mobile apps, and other digital needs. 


  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Apple Keynote
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Google Slides
  • SVG
  • PNG

All illustrations are 100% customizable and are created using vector shapes. You can change color and size to match your requirement. If you have any questions send us a message.

Introducing 50 Business People Illustrations, Infographics, and PowerPoint Templates: your one-stop shop for visually appealing presentations! Our collection of high-quality and eye-catching illustrations makes it easier than ever before to create an impressive slideshow to wow your client or audience.

These infographics are perfect for any business presentation – from presentations about daily operations and team initiatives, to investor pitches and product launch presentations. Each template can be customized quickly with the built-in graphics tools, making it easy to create a custom solution that will have you looking like a pro. No need to hire a professional or spend time designing your own graphics - our templates (created by expert designers) provide you with beautiful and memorable visuals.

Plus, these templates come with preloaded slides so you get an added bonus of slides that are ready-to-use! Create stunning timelines, diagrams, and data charts in no time. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating an impactful presentation that communicates key points clearly and effectively.

Choosing our 50 Business People Illustrations, Infographics, & PowerPoint Templates collection is an easy way to simplify the process of creating compelling presentations in minutes – not hours! With highly customizable templates created by expert professionals, this set is guaranteed to help you stand out among the crowd. 

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