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A Harvey ball diagram is a round ideograms used for visual communication of qualitative information. Our Harvey Balls can be used as beneficial visual tools that can be created quickly. These circular shapes are partially and fully shaded to represent an items fulfillment criteria and used in comparison tables. 

Our Harvey Ball infographic diagrams include multiple layouts that can be used with percentages to represent different data in your presentation. Having a visual representation for your different items fulfillment criteria 
helps you make different decisions when several options are available.

Forward-thinkers, it's time to take your presentations and infographics to the next level with PowerPointX!

Here at PowerPointX, we strive to make stunning visuals easy for everyone. With our Harvey Ball Infographic Templates PowerPoint slides, you'll be able to create beautiful and impactful graphics in no time.

From colorful circles to traditional corporate designs, these templates have something for everyone. Whether you're creating an infographic for a business meeting or adding a bit of pizzazz to your presentation, PowerPointX has something that will fulfill any demand.

You don't need any fancy computer skills or complicated software; all you need is PowerPointX. Create high-quality visuals without spending hours learning complex software - it's as easy as 1-2-3! So why wait?

Transform the way you create graphics today with PowerPointX!

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